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30% More Sales

That is the choice Sphere gives you. The increased efficiency Sphere creates allows you to spend more time on referrals and other business development opportunities or more free time to spend any way you like. And in some cases, it does both.

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Powerful and Easy to use CRM

Teams that delivers powerful insights about your business performance. Real-time data on team performance and what activities are generating results. Insight into your team’s areas of strength.

Easy upload process allows you to import your existing contact lists into Sphere in few minutes. You can also download your data in a single click.

Track Transactions

Sphere keeps track of every detail of every transactions - all parties involved, what been completed and what still needs to be done - from the moment a referral comes through to house anniversaries.

A generic checklist of typical items needed for every transaction is provided by default – e.g. earnest money, home inspection, disclosures – but is customizable as a template and allows for additions and changes on a per transaction basis so nothing slips through the cracks.

It’s impossible to grow your business as fast as possible without the ability to set goals, track your progress, and see what’s working and what’s not. The sales funnel provides detailed feedback daily on how things are going.

Goal Setup and Tracking

Easy Goal Setup

We believe one of the best ways to increase sales is to set goals, monitor those and see what's working and what could be improved.

Track Goal Progress

Sphere makes it easy to set annual goals, monitor your progress, and provide insight into potential opportunities.

Powerful Features that Increase Efficiency

To Do List

Prioritize your day by setting appointments and following up on tasks with your To-Do list.

Referral Tracker

Real-time data on team performance and what activities are generating results. Insight into your team’s areas of strength.

Email Marketing

A good marketing plan will help sustain and grow your business. Our campaign generation wizard is just the solution for you. Plan and meet your target numbers effectively and efficiently.

Call List

Automated call lists helps you to keep in touch with your customers in specific customized intervals.

Detailed Reports

Our solution helps you to keep your customers happy by tracking their interactions, interests and helping you provide them customized services.

Additional Functionalities

Take your real-estate business to a new level by setting up your own fully functional website in a few simple steps.

Simple pricing. No hassle.